Quest Analytics provides a complete teller referral management solution for your community bank or credit union. Tellers interact with more customers per day than anyone in the institution. Why don't they have the tools to help them succeed in referring new business?

As with all offerings, Quest combines a unique blend of technology with training to help achieve success. Teller referral management is all about optimizing resources in your branch while at the same time continuing to grow and enhance customer relationships.

This is no easy task in a busy branch environment where the same resources are tasked with both sales and service. The Quest teller referral management solution helps tellers find possible sales leads as they transition from the customer transaction into a short sales discussion. Tellers don't have the time to search customer profiles and manually find a possible sales leads to discuss with each individual customer.

Quest automates the process and helps tellers achieve double digit referrals each and every month.



Tellers can generate referrals leading to new product sales more than 54% of the time. Engage tellers to be an interagral part of your sales culture.