Although technology has changed our industry, banking is still a relationship business. Your tellers, customer service representatives, branch managers and commercial bankers spend the majority of their time working and servicing customer requests. Each customer touch is a new opportunity to better understand the needs of the customer and provide products and services that the customer did not even know existed.

Quest provides a comprehensive sales training and coaching program to help your associates grow and retain banking relationships with customers and prospects. The training program can be delivered separately or as part of the overall deployment package with our other Quest products.

Quest’s sales training can be delivered in different forms to meet the needs of your organization.

  • Seminars - For larger groups and overview content
  • Workshops - For smaller interactive sessions to work on individual skills
  • Coaching - One-on-One interaction for each branch
  • Web - Remote off-site training and coaching

Quest sales training will focus on both cross-sell and retention. Following each training session, Quest meets with senior management to review the progress of the class and provide valuable feedback. Additionally we provide an automated survey to collect valuable associate feedback on every training session.

Sales training and coaching combined with innovative lead management software yields sales success