Every financial institution has a unique sales culture. Your sales culture might be described as minimal contact, sit & serve, relationship driven, moderate or even aggressive. Effective sales cultures are always driven from the top of the organization downward. It starts with dedicated direction from the President and CEO with much help from other senior level executives.

Sales associates learn the sales culture from great leaders that participate in a coaching approach to help each person learn and develop their active role in the culture. As competition has increased over the years, so has the need to be more intentional about sales. Opportunities exist with each customer contact or touch and effective organizations are learning to capitalize on every interaction. Let’s take a look at your organization. If you are like many banks and credit unions, you may be experiencing the following:

  • Branch associates are very busy and are not as effective in sales as we would like
  • Many of our best customers are not visiting the branch
  • Mobile banking, ATMs and web banking are all reducing branch traffic
  • We need to be growing relationships and reducing single service households

Driving Changes in Sales Culture

Sales cultures are often thought of like a large ship out in the ocean. Large ships don’t just change direction quickly. They make directional changes using a series of smaller turns that lead to an eventual change in direction. In most cases, your financial institution may be in a position where there is a current need to direct your sales culture to be more proactive on building stronger customer relationships.

Think of Quest as a catalyst to help your organization move to a positive, relationship building, sales culture. Quest provides a combination of consulting, training, and technology that helps you move your sales culture in the right direction and maintain the course over the long haul. Our overall offerings are integrated together so that personalized training and coaching helps position attitudes and augment sales skill sets while the technology supports the overall sales culture.

John Clayton, VP of Sales and Service from Washington Financial in Washington PA describes it best by talking about how Quest has helped change their sales culture:

“We looked at many different solutions and vendors before selecting Quest Analytics. We found that Quest could help us quickly and professionally transform our existing ‘order-taking’ environment into a true sales and service culture by offering a combination of program components that no other single company we spoke with could provide. This combination of features included consulting advice on the addition of demographic information to our data warehouse and the ‘art’ of portfolio segmentation, assistance (consulting) in the creation of business rules for lead generation, the application of analytical models to our customer database, the delivery of qualified leads directly to the sales person’s desktop, and a reporting schematic that enabled evaluation and course correction day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year.

The program has been in place for more than five year now and our results have exceeded even our most ambitious expectations, because Quest delivered on every single promise.”

The Quest program transforms your existing service culture into a customer focused sales and service culture.