Marketing segmentation is the process of analyzing and grouping customers by similar demographics, traits and behaviors. There are a million and one ways to segment your customers. Quest assists by developing customized segmentation tailored to your institution to support actionable marketing segmentation strategies.

Actionable marketing segmentation strategies use customer segments to drive advertising and direct mail as well as event based customer contact decisions using IQLeads®. As a customer's banking behavior changes to meet the criteria for a new market segment, IQLeads® automatically generates and manages individualized customer contact programs.

Financial Services Marketing Experience

Quest provides expert, PhD level consulting resources with years of financial services experience in working with bank and credit union marketing segmentation. Our segmentation projects are designed to allow you to learn and understand the behaviors of your customer base while at the same time producing actionable marketing segmentation. Quest applies statistical methods such as cluster analysis to identify segments based upon customer behavioral information.

For community banks and credit unions just learning the benefits of marketing segmentation, Quest provides an informative executive training workshop as an initial step in the segmentation project.


Actionable marketing segmentation strategies drive customer contacts and interactions which lead to more sales.