Offering the same product to every customer that walks through the door or that you call on the phone can be a frustrating way to cross-sell products. It requires making call after call to find the few hidden customers that are interested in your offering.

Envision Cross-sell is a predictive application that determines which customer is most likely to purchase financial service products from your bank or credit union. Today, your financial institution is using credit scores to assist in determining the credit risk of your potential borrowers. Credit scores provide a very simple yet effective method for placing a numerical value on credit risk so your branch locations can quickly make informed loan decisions.

Working exactly like credit scores, Quest Envision Cross-sell determines the likelihood of a customer to purchase a specific financial product. The higher the score, the more likely the customer statistically fits the profile of a buyer. Banks and credit unions are using this technology to:

Using this technology, you can provide a focused, relationship building approach to cross sales. Why continue to badger customers which have no interest or propensity to purchase a product? Instead focus your valuable resource on a customer that is most likely to purchase.

Need assistance in learning to make an effective customer relationship cross-sell call? Quest training provides Customer Cross-sell Calling Workshops to ensure your success.

Envision Cross-sell Features and Benefits: - Predictive models trained to your financial institution data - Service bureau scoring with no hardware or software to purchase - Affordably priced for community banks and credit unions - Integrate scores with your CRM, MCIF, or data warehouse systems - Use scores to drive outbound customer contact campaigns - Open approach so you understand the drivers of cross-sell - Models re-trained annually for optimum predictions - Integrates with Fiserv, FIS, Open Solutions and other core systems

Quest's most popular cross-sell models include High Value Deposits, Home Equity, and Mortgage