For years, banks and credit unions have searched for new ways to optimize the operational aspects of the business. Automating laborious tasks is key to gaining efficiencies. Quest helps organizations save time and effort by creating custom automations that save time and effort. Here are just a few examples of automations institutions are using to generate efficiencies..

Daily CDARS Downloads

CDARS data is often overlooked as a data source that is difficult to include in existing bank reporting. Quest has created process improvements to automatically download CDARS data from the Promontory Interfinancial Network site on a daily basis without human intervention. This process is efficient and helps bankers better understand a complete view of an customer even when data is stored at a third party location.

Customer Address Standardization

Sending statements and ATM cards to incorrect addresses cost banks thousands of dollars each year. Quest has developed automations that work with core banking systems to automatically standardize and check for non-deliverable addresses at the point of data entry. This reduces wasted as well as decreases the risk of fraud.

:Reg E Opt-in Management

Regulation E opt-in requires banks and credit unions to continually check in with customers as to their desire to opt-in for overdraft protection. Quest has developed automations to help tellers quickly identify customers that are not participating and help tellers easily change Reg E opt-in parameters without leaving the teller session.

Core Banking Operational Automation

For banks running core banking systems in-house, system operators are required to start and validate different nightly processes such as the backup processes and the nightly postings and beeper management systems. Quest automations can reduce direct resource expense by automating manual operational processes.

Automation = Efficiency
Quest automations help institutions reduce direct resource expense by automating manual processes.